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Victoria’s Pasta Shop – Norman, OK

January 18, 2011

Somehow, I’ve lived in Norman approximately 24 years and never been to Victoria’s. Victoria’s Pasta Shop, that is. Victoria’s Secret…well that’s another story. Anyway, Victoria’s is located on OU’s Campus Corner at 327 White St. and has been serving up delicious italian food for almost 20 years!

I can’t believe I just recently ate here for the first time. It’s a laid back, friendly environment with great food and very reasonable prices. Basically everything I like in an eating establishment.

I got the black pepper linguini tossed with snow crab and spinach in a lemon garlic butter sauce. Yeah, I know. As soon as I read that description I was sold. I also ordered a lasagna roll, just for kicks. I knew I made the right call as soon as I lapped a lip over the linguini. It has the pepper actually cooked into the noodle itself, which gives it an awesome flavor. The crab was fresh and tasty and the lemon garlic butter was the perfect sauce for this pasta.

Lasagna Roll (left), Black Pepper Linguini (right)

Lasagna Roll (left), Black Pepper Linguini (right). Sorry about the terrible picture, only had my phone with me.

The lasagna roll was also top-notch. Shrimp, spinach and cheese rolled and baked in lasagna, then covered with marinara and alfredo. Easy to see why this is a “Victoria’s Classic.”

Not only was the food hot, fresh and super tasty; there was also a LOT of it. You don’t have to be the head cashier at the K-Mart to know that it’s pretty rare to find a spot with big portions of awesome food for a great price. Victoria’s is one of those joints.

Here’s a link to their menu.

Probably my only complaint would be that it was HOT in there! It was super cold outside and we even sat right by the window and I was still sweatin’ like Snooki at a nightclub!

Overall, I am putting Victoria’s right up towards the top of my list. I plan on being a frequent visitor, so I’ll try some other menu items and let you all know if they live up to my initial impressions.

P.S. I heard somewhere that this is Sam Bradford’s favorite place to eat in Norman. Usually “picks” are bad for a quarterback…but this is a good one sir. A mighty good one.

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