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Benvenuti’s Italian – Downtown Norman Noses-In-The-Air

October 5, 2010

This will be a short review, just thought the Mongers fans should know what’s going on with the little Italian place in Downtown Norman.   This restaurant is on Main Street right across the street from Coach’s.  You have probably driven by and didn’t even notice it was there.

I have eaten there once before and the food WAS amazing.  I am not a big Italian food lover, I generally think tomato sauce and noodles are pretty generic to most restaurants, however this place does have exceptional food.  But exceptional food, for me, does not make up for terrible service.  Benvenuti’s is an upscale place, with a snooty atmosphere, which is not my typical type of hangout, but I’ll put up with it for great food occasionally.  My wife and I went down the other night, on a Saturday, and the place was pretty busy.  We asked to sit out on the patio, and the hostess gave us a disgusted look and said “sure…”  We go out there and there is another table seated, so I’m thinking, what’s the big deal, we’re not the only ones out here?  The hostess asks us if we want a wine list, which I say no, and she walks off without saying another word.  So we sit and discuss the menu…. and we sit… and we sit…  After about 10 minutes of not seeing a server, there was a wreck in front of the restaurant on Main, and 5 or 6 servers come out on the patio to see what’s going on.  Not one even acknowledges us.  They go back inside and we sit for another 5 minutes before I’ve had enough.  We walk out.  I will most likely not be back.  If I’m gonna give you between sixty and a hundred of my dollar bills for a meal, you need to make me feel welcome. 

Benvenuti’s.  Get your nose out of the air.  I see boogers in it.

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