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Atoka, Oklahoma: Bledsoe’s Diner – A Quick Review

September 13, 2010

This last weekend, the FoodMongers went to Beaver’s Bend, Oklahoma for a little R&R.  It was incredible down there and we had a great time, but that’s not what you gluttons are here to listen to….

On the way back, we stopped in Atoka to find some grub.  Unfortunately my compadre Hunter was in a different car and missed out on what we discovered.  It was by luck that we stumbled upon what we found, as we tried a Mexican place that was closed, and almost had to choke down Mazzios until we saw they had no buffet on Sunday.  Whew, close one.

We drove to the north end of town to see if there were any more choices available, when we saw Bledsoe’s Diner.  It looked like the kind of hole in the wall/greasy spoon that one can sometimes find meals of greatness.  So we walk in and see the Sunday lunch buffet:  it looked like nursing home food.  The place was semi-dirty, and the clientele was mostly 60+ years old.  Our table of 5 sat down and discussed leaving.  We decided to stay and all looked at the menus unenthusiastically. 

The waitress that came to take our order was very friendly, took our drink orders, and informed us that the onion rings and french fries are all hand made.  Awesome, this place is starting to sound like it may be decent.  My buddy orders a double meat bacon cheese burger and onion rings, and not to be outdone I ordered the same thing. 

What came out from the kitchen was the most large and in charge burger I have ordered to date.  And yes, I’ve had the 1lb Meers Seismic Burger.  This burger I would say with all the trimmings weighed 1.5lbs.  It probably had 1/4lb of bacon on it!  The onion rings looked and tasted like they were battered with chicken fried steak batter.

Was it tasty?  Yes.  Was it greasy?  Yes.  Was it humongus?? YES.  The flavor was really good, the onion rings were fresh and crisp, and the batter was excellent.  This was one solid meal.  The burger and onion rings was $9.75 and it was a bargain for the amount of food you got.  The cook came out of the kitchen to see how we liked it, and you could tell how proud he was of his creation.  The wait staff was all amazed that me and my friend both finished the entire burgers.  I thought I was a big eater, and I was about to explode once I finished.  My buddy, Matt, finished his off, all his onion rings, and was asking what was for dessert!  Now that’s a true glutton.

If you are traveling southeast, are going near Atoka, and want a massive bacon cheeseburger, I highly recommend stopping at Bledsoe’s Diner, and don’t be turned away by your first impression.  The burgers that they’re flipping will not disappoint.


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