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Adam’s first review

August 17, 2010

So Hunter just got us set up to start this afternoon, so I’m gonna try my first review.  I typed this once on my phone and it would not post for whatever reason, so here goes again…

I was at work today, and it was decided (not be me) that we would get City Bites for takeout.  I have only had it once in the past and thought it was not so great.  I decided to order their Chicken Spud or whatever it’s called.

I get this thing and it weighs about as much as a premature baby.  It’s got grilled chicken and ham all over the top, a ton of melted cheese, spicy ranch (but I did not sense a hint of spiciness), and about a family size tub’s worth of margerine melted all over it.

I ate about 60% of this before I had all I could stand.  The flavor was actually pretty decent, but it’s hard to mess up a huge baked potato with a gallon of butter on it.  The chicken and ham’s flavor was drowned in all the butter and ranch, so I’m sure most of the other spuds taste very similar.  At the time I was thinking, maybe City Bites isn’t THAT bad…  But 5 minutes later I was debating going to the bathroom to stick my finger in my throat and throw up the bowling ball of grease that was in my stomach.  And I have continued to feel pretty nasty all afternoon.

Overall I would say that the Chicken Spud from City Bites is the heaviest greasiest thing I have eaten in awhile.  It has decent flavor for being a franchise deli potato, but I would not recommend eating this unless you don’t have plans to do anything physical for the rest of the day.

City Bites, I want my $7 and change back.

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  1. Lauren Meek permalink
    August 18, 2010 2:21 am

    Lol to the throw up comment… LOVES IT and city bites NASTY

  2. August 19, 2010 11:05 pm

    LOVE the blog .. even though I’m in Texas!

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